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About Us

Our farms are located between Krugersdorp and Magaliesburg, with our headquarters stationed 10km outside of Krugersdorp, just off the R563. With over 30 years experience in the poultry industry, Mrs. Charlene Klinkert and Mr Rohan Meintjes decided to expand their horizons into cattle and wildlife. We started our Boran cattle stud in 2015 and expanded each year, ensuring and securing the best genetics available on the Boran market. 


In June of 2019, we purchaced the entire BA (Boran Afrika) and SP (Supermus) studs, which were based in Heilbron and run by the late Mr. Adriaan Rall.  We now run a herd of  1000+ pure stud Boran cattle. The herd is run by Mr Dylan Meintjes, Grandson of Mrs Charlene Klinkert and son of Mr Rohan Meintjes. Our herd is built mainly from pure Kenyan genetics. We aim to breed outstanding quality animals that will be marketed throughout the year on various auctions and private on the farm sales.

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