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Why Boran?

Farming with the Boran breed has been an easy decision after purchasing our first Boran in 2015. We feel that Boran is the answer to beef production in Africa! The Boran is a hardy breed that excels in harsh drought conditions.

A massive advantage, we noticed with the boran is that we could carry a higher number of stock on the farm LSU (Livestock units) compared to other breeds. In our feedlot we noticed that Boran steers perform very well too. This makes Boran one of the most adaptable breeds to any environment and can be farmed with all over the country.


- Performance on the veldt.

- Performance in the feedlot.

- Adaptability in drought.

- Higher LSU.

- Lower costs on medication.

- Lower costs on dip.

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Boran      Factor


Boran are ideal for cross-breeding in commercial weaner operations and to breed retention heifers. They are unrelated to any other breed in South Africa. This will produce maximum hybrid vigor. Boran have excellent  inheritance and will stamp their mark with any breed you choose to cross with. Below are some images of Boran crosses.

Boran        Braunvieh

Boran       Braunvieh

Boran       Sussex

Boran       Jersey





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